Dorothy Crenshaw January 8, 2009 | 12:00:30

What Happens in Vegas….Seems Like Less Than Usual

The Consumer Electronics Show, one of the most well-attended and splashy tech conferences on earth, is decidedly more subdued this year.  You don’t have to read the news and blog accounts to feel the difference.  On the one hand, it’s easier to get a taxi, a restaurant reservation, or show tickets.  It also seems to have separated the serious attendees from the tire-kickers.  And, it’s easier to spot the innovations, including Microsoft’s Kodu, Sharp’s Blu-Ray  products, Mattel’s Mindflex game, lots of cool Web-based TV,  and an emphasis on clean and green tech. Most inspiring to us are the products created with sustainable development in mind…and improved display technologies that will tempt us all to upgrade our TVs.  The real impact of the economy, will probably not be felt until next year, since companies are making decisions about 2010 right about now.