Dorothy Crenshaw November 25, 2009 | 11:29:56

15 Things PR People Have To Be Thankful For

It’s that time of year… when we sit in traffic so we can stuff our faces and argue catch up with family members whom we haven’t seen all year, to gather energy for a weekend of crazy shopping – or vigorous procrastination.

But, it’s also a good occasion to consider what we appreciate in our everyday lives and careers. So, we made a list. It doesn’t include the big, obvious stuff, like good health, friends and family, and very fact of having a job, so consider those implied. Our list is more about the ordinary things that we may have overlooked or taken for granted all year. Please feel free to add to it.

Things We’re Thankful For As PR Professionals
1.  Desktop shopping (though of course we’d never do it at work.)
2.  A last-minute creative challenge right before a holiday weekend
3.  The ability to lie to ourselves (see #2)
4.  Interns
5.  Our deluxe on-site office spa (scheduled for completion in 2012, by the Mayan calendar)
6.  HARO (Thanks, Peter)
7.  Those three extra hours when delivering a proposal to the West Coast
8.  Roll-up-your-sleeves client meetings
9.  Catered leftovers from #8
10. That there are nearly two years left to pitch Oprah
11. That there are only two years left to pitch Oprah
12. The agency holiday bash
13. Facebook privacy settings (see #12)
14. Social media. If it hadn’t happened, we’d have had to invent it.
15. A heartfelt “thanks” from media, colleagues, and our clients, who are amazing.

5 thoughts on “15 Things PR People Have To Be Thankful For

    1. Yes, and then there are the “use it or lose it” fiscal-year budget policies on the part of some clients. Always a good thing – using it, that is.

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