Olivia Bennett September 9, 2014 | 05:28:47

Ballantine IPA Wins Rave Reviews!

Before it even hit the shelves, the newly re-launched Ballantine IPA was poised to take press, pubs and the public by storm, thanks in part to smart influencer outreach. Like a Broadway revival, the brew has won accolades from critics, press, and the beer elite. Our team has garnered 45+ positive stories, including USA Today and CNN, many with rave reviews for the legendary brew. With a big assist from Master Brewer Greg Deuhs, who famously reverse-engineered the beer, coverage has been “heady” to say the least.

Here’s a sampling:

“The beer has a nice malt/hop balance, and leans more toward the hoppy side of the fence and not at all the malty-British-IPA balance I anticipated,” says Bil Corcoran who runs My Beer Buzz.

“…this stuff was delicious. The beer is hoppy, but it doesn’t just bludgeon your tongue with hops like a lot of West Coast IPAs. It’s extremely well-balanced. There isn’t too much bitterness and there isn’t that cloying sweetness you sometimes get from too much malt. It has a really lovely finish with no funky aftertaste. In fact, it’s excellent all the way through. It’s a very smooth ride, but it has a ton of character. Brent Rose, Gizmodo

“The 2014 reincarnation of Ballantine IPA, brewed on contract at the Cold Spring (MN) brewery. does not disappoint.” Beer Advocate

This is just the beginning of Ballantine’s successful comeback tour!