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Mod Op Acquires Leading Tech PR Agency Crenshaw Communications

New York, NY (October 23, 2023) Mod Op, a full-service digital marketing agency accelerating customer growth through human creativity and automation, today announced the acquisition of Crenshaw Communications, a leading public relations firm headquartered in New York City. The acquisition represents a milestone for Mod Op, as it marks the company’s first strategic move into public relations. 

“We recognize the value of PR — both as a discipline and as a business sector,” said Eric J Bertrand, CEO of Mod Op. “The addition of Crenshaw Communications accelerates our mission to empower brands by elevating the use of talented people who understand technology and its impact on the businesses we serve. This new move builds upon our acquisition of Digital Prism, a digital transformation firm, because the addition of both teams strengthens our core mission. We believe that technology and creativity are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they can and should work together.”

Crenshaw Communications, with its expertise in serving high-growth technology businesses as well as select lifestyle brands, brings a wealth of experience in strategic PR and media relations to the Mod Op portfolio. The combination of Mod Op’s digital marketing prowess and Crenshaw’s depth of PR expertise will enable Mod Op to offer clients a curated suite of services tailored to meet the challenges of today’s business landscape. Clients include Yahoo, Crunchbase, National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA), DoubleVerify, Ericsson, and more. 

Crenshaw Communications is known for helping clients in high-growth sectors build brand recognition, secure media coverage, create thought leadership profiles, and navigate the complexities of the digital age. 

Crenshaw Communications founder Dorothy Crenshaw, now Mod Op Chief Public Relations Officer, commented, “We were attracted to Mod Op because its leadership has their eyes on the bigger picture. They not only respect the power of PR, but they understand how our industry is growing and changing, and how it fits into the broader marketing arena.”

Mod Op was also drawn to Crenshaw Communications’ use of AI to support and optimize communications programs and processes. Using AI for media research and data analysis, content generation, and operational management, Crenshaw stands as a leader in PR innovation through technology. This focus on AI-driven solutions complements Mod Op’s mission to blend human creativity with AI automation, enhancing the strategic value of the acquisition.

Chris Harihar, EVP of Mod Op Public Relations, added, “Here at Crenshaw, we’ve been at the forefront of incorporating AI to streamline and enhance PR efforts. Our commitment to innovation is part of what sets us apart. It was immediately clear that Mod Op shares our vision of activating AI to augment functions across PR and marketing, and that makes this partnership particularly exciting for us.” 

“Crenshaw’s adept harnessing of AI for practical, results-oriented PR solutions was impressive,” added Bertrand. “Their background in tech is aligned with our objective to integrate innovative technology across our portfolio. It’s a win-win that amplifies our capacity to serve clients in a rapidly evolving landscape.”

Crenshaw Communications marks Mod Op’s fourth acquisition this year and its eighth in the past five years. The company continues its strategic expansion into data, technology, and creative sectors. Earlier in January, Mod Op acquired Context Creative, an international full-service creative agency known for data-driven strategies and design thinking in both B2B and B2C campaigns across various media channels. In September, Mod Op announced the acquisition of dPrism, a digital transformation firm aiding clients in leveraging data and technology for revenue growth, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences.

Mod Op is based in Miami, and has offices in Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Panama City, Panama, Cleveland and Toronto, Canada. The agency delivers creative and strategic solutions for leading brands like Nestlé, John Deere, ExxonMobil, Baha Mar, and more.

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Mod Op is a leading insights-driven marketing agency that merges artificial intelligence, data science and human creativity to deliver efficient, effective and sustainable growth for our clients. Mod Op services for both B2C and B2B markets include strategy and execution for creative, communications, technology, and digital media, as well as other digital marketing services. For additional information, please visit Mod Op’s website.

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