Patrice Gamble November 21, 2023 | 06:45:21

How Public Relations Can Enhance AdTech Marketing

As adtech PR specialists, we know that the sector is increasingly crowded, with companies tackling similar issues across the digital advertising and marketing landscape. It’s a challenge to stand out as an adtech company, especially as a “vendor.” Just take a look at the LUMAscape above to get an idea of the adtech display category. And that’s just one of many; the folks at LUMA have similar graphics for CTV advertising, martech, ecommerce, mobile, and much more. The category is only getting more crowded, and the environment more fragmented.

For customers, this intense competition and the alphabet soup of acronyms and confusing claims can be overwhelming. The clutter makes it tough to determine which solutions will best suit their needs. Adtech brands must find creative ways to cut through the noise and highlight the value their particular technology brings to customers and the industry.

Despite best efforts, marketing alone isn’t enough for adtech companies to differentiate themselves from the competition and convert customers. So how can they stand out on a crowded playing field?

Enhancing adtech marketing efforts through PR

As adtech marketing becomes more difficult, public relations (PR) presents an opportunity to kick those efforts into hyperdrive.

Unlike marketing or advertising, PR is rooted in amplifying a company narrative and key differentiators through trusted, independent third-party sources. It allows companies to highlight their unique expertise, their capabilities, and even successful customer outcomes through compelling storytelling that shapes customer opinion and perception at scale.

Strategic PR delivers many benefits for adtech brands.

Earned media exposure drives credibility

Being featured in leading trade publications or recognized by industry awards gives adtech vendors third-party validation that goes a long way in demonstrating the value of their product to potential customers. This credibility elevates the brand beyond competitors who may only highlight their offerings through narrow, paid advertising and marketing channels.

Thought leadership elevates reputation

Amplifying commentary and insights from executives within your organization underscores brand expertise and drives a positioning of authority. Similarly, speaking engagements, contributed articles, and other thought leadership platforms are crucial to showcasing an adtech brand’s perspective on industry issues and trends.

The right narrative can differentiate an adtech “vendor”

With effective storytelling that spotlights a company’s culture, values, innovations, or customer outcomes, PR can set it apart from competitors—even those with similar services. It focuses less on products and more on their values as a business and a workplace.

PR helps build brand affinity

By shaping public opinion and perception, PR builds brand affinity and consideration to influence purchase decisions. It gives adtech brands a distinct edge in an overly commoditized marketplace.

Adtech companies striving to distinguish themselves from competitors should consider how PR can work within the marketing mix. With the right PR strategy or partner, adtech companies can propel their brand to the forefront, reaching the right audiences and setting themselves apart. In the face of evolving challenges in adtech marketing, PR has become a valuable tool for driving visibility and trust, and ultimately for securing a competitive advantage.

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