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The ad tech marketplace created by the explosion in data-driven marketing and digital advertising has never been more dynamic. There is plenty of opportunity for growth, as well as plenty of competition for funding, talent, and public visibility that can drive both. A strategic public relations program can help support a unique and well-differentiated sales proposition for any brand in the ad tech industry.

Ad Tech • April 25, 2020


Innovid Corp. (NYSE: CTV), an independent advertising platform for delivering ads across Connected TV (CTV), mobile, and desktop TV environments, tapped Crenshaw Communications to help increase brand awareness and improve overall brand positioning. Despite having a strong client base and advanced technology, the ad-tech company lacked the media presence necessary to position itself as a […]

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Ad Tech • April 11, 2019


Winning At Digital Marketing Digital and social marketing is a battle for attention. Yet with 85% of sponsored content on platforms like Facebook being ‘dark posts,’ or seen only by specific users, marketers face a visibility gap. BrandTotal empowers marketing insights through competitive intelligence powered by AI. Our team helps BrandTotal raise its profile within […]

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Ad Tech • December 19, 2017

Remedy Health Media

Rx: Digital Storytelling People are increasingly going online for health information, usually to diagnose themselves based on symptoms they’re experiencing. But what about those who are already diagnosed – by medical professionals – and who might be seeking help and inspiration for a chronic illness? Enter Remedy Health Media. Our role is to help differentiate […]

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Ad Tech • March 1, 2017


Delivering Reader Engagement Media audiences today are fragmented. Publishers have been losing viewers to mobile content, listicles, short video and content “recommenders” that offer monetization at the expense of user retention. Until Arkadium. Arkadium delivers interactive, engaging content at scale, helping the industry’s leading publishers boost traffic and drive revenue. We’ve helped Arkadium build its […]

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Ad Tech • August 26, 2016

AOL Platforms

From Dial-Up To Digital Trailblazer AOL Platforms is the global partner of choice for top advertisers, agencies, and publishers, enabling them to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and TV through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance campaigns.  Our team works to support AOLP’s leadership in the digital advertising space through earned media and content […]

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PR for Ad Tech Brands

PR is a differentiator for brands in the ad tech industry. Adtech brands looking to achieve specific business goals, including rapid scalability or diversification of the business, additional funding rounds, or even a liquidity event, can benefit from PR.

Ad Tech Industry Challenges

Advertising technology is all of the tools and platforms that companies can use to create and distribute targeted digital ad campaigns to their audiences. Some view ad tech as a subcategory of martech, but in many ways, ad tech is unique with its own focuses, goals, and challenges. Even as its own category, the ad tech space is crowded and competitive, making it challenging for brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Public Relations Strategies for Ad Tech Brands

Public relations can help ad tech brands build awareness, credibility, and trust, and differentiate themselves from the competition.  

The right public relations approach for an ad tech company is proactive. It starts with a demonstration of dynamic leadership and a sense of a company’s relevance to topical ad tech trends and emerging issues. Today’s data-driven marketplace is alive with buzzwords and hot topics like the move to programmatic advertising, the growth of native advertising, ad viewability, and brand safety that represent opportunities to heighten positive visibility for a business and its key players. A PR strategy focused on building relevant content within these topics can help grow an ad tech business.

PR Results for Ad Tech Companies 

At Crenshaw Communications, our team is grounded in the technologies and trends that drive adtech, marketing technology, and ancillary business services. We understand what it takes to create great PR for ad tech companies.

Ready to differentiate your ad tech brand from the competition? Contact us to learn more about our PR services for ad tech brands.

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