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Latest And Greatest PR Tech Tools

How can top B2B and consumer tech PR professionals boost productivity and squeeze more out of the average workday? With new tech tools, of course!  The best tools eliminate some tedious tasks, make others more efficient and improve overall PR output and results. Today we take a look specifically at tools to improve research, events and content creation and distribution.

Mention. Billing itself as “Google alerts on steroids,” this service takes monitoring to the next level. It provides real-time scrolling updates – in one feed – including all traditional and social media mentions. There’s a free trial and monthly service beginning at $29.00.

Hound. Move over, Siri. The progress of voice recognition technology can be frustrating, but Hound promises and delivers, according to reviews from beta users. This masterful app gives you fast and deep results, but there’s a catch. It’s for Android phones in the US (with iOS coming soon) and is only available by invitation through the website.

Eventsage. With more PR pros creating and booking launch events, panel discussions and other press get-togethers, Eventsage is the soup-to-nuts site for selecting and booking venues and suppliers. Simply enter your event details and receive recommendations. A few more steps and you have proposals and estimates to make informed choices. The site also features an “inspiration” section in case you’re stymied on creativity!

Prezly. Allows PR teams to set up dedicated, online press rooms for their company. These customized press rooms house rich content press releases (that look great on all devices) as well as media list development and management including Google Analytics integration to track the number of visitors and the online sources they came from.

Tubechop. With this service, you have to ask, what took so long? If you’ve ever found a YouTube video and needed only a few seconds from a long video to illustrate a case history or jazz up a presentation, use Tubechop! Add the link to the YouTube video and use a sliding bar to “chop” the piece you would like to use.

Pixlr. Photoshop may be the standard for software photo editing, but if you’re looking for a free alternative, Pixlr is very useful. It features a lot of advanced tools and options and there’s a mobile app, of course.

Coverage Book. The best way for a PR team to show off its earned media outcomes? A beautiful coverage report! Between working on PR campaigns and conducting interviews, it’s hard to find the time to produce a quality report that will wow the C-suite. Simply upload the clips, and Coverage Book does the rest, including providing customized images and metrics.

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  1. Hi Marijane! Thanks a lot for including Mention in your post. Really appreciate it.
    Customer Success @Mention

  2. Thanks for a great list! Speaking of Prezly, they recently compiled another list of 140 recommended PR tools. We were excited to be listed as one of the top analytics and measurement tools there. But check it out – – there are so many great tools available now to help PR executives do their jobs better – from PR CRM to content development, measurement and more. With the right combinations, we can now easily identify success patterns to repeat what’s working and pivot from what isn’t. It’s an exciting time!
    Christine Perkett
    SeeDepth Inc. – PR analytics software for brand & agencies

  3. Thanks for including Eventsage in your list! We’re constantly developing new tools and support resources to make people’s event & meeting planning lives easier and less stressful. We’d love to hear what types of tools PR professionals would benefit from. Contact us at

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