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Our Consumer and B2B Technology PR Firm

With a heritage in consumer electronics and technology PR, the Crenshaw team is uniquely qualified to develop game-changing PR programs for technology companies and their products. Our technology PR experience ranges from blockbuster product launch programs to highly successful work for brands in CE, telecom, digital media and ad tech, applications and mobile technology, b2b/tech services, and green tech. We’ve executed tech PR strategies for established brands as well as successful programs for early-stage tech businesses and launches.

Choose Our Tech PR Agency To Promote Your Product

Successful visibility in today’s crowded marketplace for technology products is all about differentiation. At Crenshaw, we specialize in identifying, shaping and communicating the core innovation that makes a brand different from the rest. We then base our communications strategy and message development on those differentiating factors and work to create the most powerful messaging and story for the brand.

Some companies make the error of believing that superior technology, or a better technical mousetrap, is all they need to change the game, gain instant visibility and win in the marketplace. But for most audiences, including investors, analysts, and – most of all – end users and the media who influence them, cool technology is just the starting point. The key to crafting a successful tech PR program is the make the company’s narrative relevant to end users. We specialize in cracking that code to position a tech product or service as relevant, and its developers as leaders and innovators.

It helps that as a tech PR agency, we’re experienced in developing and nurturing relationships with personalities who can help make or break a technology product or brand, – analysts, key reporters and product reviewers, and industry thought leaders who often exert an outsize influence on consumer and partner perception. But at the end of the day, as our case histories demonstrate, a great tech PR program rests upon telling a compelling story about a breakthrough that goes beyond technology to make a real difference in our lives and jobs.

For more information about our work in the technology industries, contact us.