Michelle Han June 7, 2015 | 05:26:29

PR-Savvy Gifts That’ll Sharpen Dad’s Image

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and PR-savvy professionals know there are certain gifts that are not only sure to please Dad, but will sharpen his image at the same time. Whether the dad in your life is the briefcase-toting, cuff link-wearing type, or the kind who’s happiest covered in sawdust and elbow grease, here are some of our picks for thoughtful gifts that will help polish his image as up-to-the-minute.

The iRobot Roomba 880. Our tech-savvy crew is partial to smart technology gifts, and the newest version of this robotic vacuum cleaner fits the bill with the highest ratings for doing the best job overall. Robotic assistants are the “ultimate productivity hack,” according to the Harvard Business Review, so having this guy working hard around the house will make Dad look super smart and forward-thinking — not to mention his floors will be spotless.

A portable briefcase grill. Father’s Day means it’s grilling and al fresco dining season. This handy portable grill is perfect for cooking up meals for two, and travels well as a slick-looking briefcase. It’s sure to earn compliments for being so clever.

A membership to his local radio station. Make a donation to public radio at a certain level in his name, and earn a snazzy reward (emblazoned with the member station’s logo, of course) he can proudly carry around town. It’ll burnish his reputation as a civic-minded citizen.

The Apple Watch. The ultimate splurge for the tech-loving Dad, load up the Apple Watch with all his favorite apps, and earn him a reputation as an early adapter of the most interesting personal technology. What’s more, now that the Apple Watch has been out for a few months, more new features and apps are being added — not to mention the forthcoming Apple Music —  making it even smarter than before.

A free trip using rewards points. Sending Dad on a trip is the ultimate gift, but rather than spend dollars, use your loyalty program points to earn a free trip. Follow some of these tips to maximize your points and earn the biggest bang for your buck. After all, studies show the smartest, happiest people invest in experiences, not possessions.

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