lauren November 8, 2012 | 01:20:18

TechMediaNetwork Names Crenshaw Communications PR Agency Of Record

The Crenshaw team is delighted to be appointed by TechMediaNetwork, a leader in online publishing and tech media, as AOR after competitive review. TechMediaNetwork is a leading media company that produces technology news and reviews on sites like TopTenReviews, TechNewsDaily and LAPTOPmag which reaches more than 100 million monthly visitors across its owned and publisher-partner sites.  We’ve already begun our program for TMN, which comprises trade and B2B visibility and thought leadership as well as B2C outreach for TMN’s leading editorial experts on new products and consumer tech trends. The content offered by the TMN family of sites connects consumers to the news, information and reviews they need to know about tech — from the  Mars Rover moon landing to expert reviews of the latest gadgets and tools. Check out the full story here.