Dorothy Crenshaw November 23, 2010 | 03:10:25

Things We’re Thankful For As PR Professionals

It’s that time again. The season of lists. So, we made one. Once again, it doesn’t include the big, obvious stuff, like good health, friends and family, and very fact of having a job and/or business, so consider those implied. The items below are ordinary things that we may have overlooked or taken for granted all year. Please feel free to add to it.

1.   Last-minute client events (because who needs sleep?)

2.   Afternoon coffee runs powered by Starbucks 2-for-1 holiday offer. (see #1)

3.   The holidays. Still a story angle…and occasional blog topic.

4.   Interns! Especially our very own rockstar, Andrew.

5.   A better economy (at least compared to last year.)

6.   Facebook friends who “like” things just because you ask.

7.   Misbehaving celebrities, the gift that keeps on giving for reputation and PR experts.

8.   Eataly! Amazing lunchtime entertainment.

9.   Airplane flights with Wi-Fi.

10. Flights without Wi-Fi.

11. Social media tools. What did we do before Social Mention, backtweets, PostRank, etc.?

12. LinkedIn. Because you should always be recruiting.

13. Twitter lists, especially the private ones, for stalking leads and foes!

14. Our shiny new office, with exposed brick and cool TV monitors.

15. Our clients, who make us proud to be their partners. 

9 thoughts on “Things We’re Thankful For As PR Professionals

  1. Speaking of #11 – I’m thankful for Social Media in general, for what it’s done for our industry. It’s forced us to be more creative, allowed us many more possibilities for our clients and turned all of us into content creators and not just gatekeepers.

  2. Yes, we debated putting it in, but since we had it last year….maybe in 2011 we can list PR 3.0. You can invent it in the meantime!

  3. Let’s thank the clients who refer business to us.
    Also, Valerie Simon, Arik Hanson and the colleagues who created HAPPO and concretely support the members of our community.

  4. coffee? u got to be kidding. who drinks coffee any more? green tea is what keeps our brains brewing and bodies brawny at our multicultural office in california.

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