Dave March 30, 2012 | 01:27:56

Can Your Social Media Use Some Spring Cleaning?

In the digital age, your home probably isn’t the only thing that needs a light dusting after a long winter. Here are a few Friday ideas to help you hit “refresh” and spring clean your social media.

It’s Cut Time

Just like in sports, it’s time to assess your blog feeds and email subscriptions. Are they valuable? If your newsfeed is cluttered with updates from people you don’t really know, or if you can’t remember opting in, go ahead and cut them. It’s okay to unfollow or unfriend a few every now and then.  If you don’t, your whole online social experience can get a little overwhelming.

Take the Dive into Timeline

Are you still resisting the switch to a Timeline Facebook profile?  It has to happen eventually, so just take a few minutes and make the big change.  Trust me, you’ll be loving it in no time.

Revisit Linkedin

LinkedIn makes spring cleaning easy, because it does most of the updating for you. But if you have a stack of business cards, or if you’ve been overfocused on another social platform, it’s time to add them. And, remember, you can import your contacts to Outlook or to most other platforms to minimize overlap.

Explore Some New Opportunities

Spring is a great time to explore new things.  Sure, everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, but have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet?  How about starting a Tumblr page?  Social media is an incredible way to express yourself and explore your interests, so be sure to take advantage of the latest and greatest developments.

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