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Get Outside! (Your Comfort Zone) Conquering Common PR Phobias

It’s graduation season, which means the beginning of new and promising PR careers and summer internships.  It can be a lot to handle all at once, and you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone every now and then to truly succeed.
Here are the top 4 phobias I see from those just starting out in public relations.

Pitching over the phone

This is undoubtedly the top fear I see from interns and entry-level PR pros.  There is always a certain apprehension about picking up the phone and calling a reporter, but the truth is, they don’t bite.  Be smart and only call those who are right for the story.  Read up on the journalist and check out their twitter to see what they’re into, and try role-playing with a colleague to get more comfortable. The younger you are, the less likely you are to actually use the phone for “talking”, but in this business, it can make a big difference.

You’ve pitched like crazy… Still no placements!

Your client has a “huge” announcement, and you’ve been pre-pitching.. and pitching… and pitching some more. Still no hits. Don’t have a panic attack, because it happens to the best of us.  Learn to “put the best face” on the situation for the client by providing them with constructive media feedback and taking what you’ve learned and applying it for future media interaction.

Afraid of the higher powers

Every now and then an intern comes along who is completely terrified to speak up in staff meetings or ask questions and speak in person with the higher-ups at the agency. This is unfortunate, because the only way to stand out and be noticed is to speak up and show off what you’ve got.  Try making a list of things you’d like to speak about and ideas you’d like to present, and tackle them one by one.

Uh oh.. No one shows up to your event

Even the most seasoned PR veterans fear this.  It’s enough to keep you up at night.  What if no one shows up to your client’s event that you’ve been planning for months?  The thought may be terrifying, but the only thing you can do is prepare and plan like crazy while managing expectations throughout the process, so that the client will be ready for any possible scenario.

What do you think? What’s your biggest PR phobia?

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