Dorothy Crenshaw May 6, 2009 | 03:30:36

The Prince, The Frog, And The Rainforest

My kindergarten-aged daughter brings home a stream of stories, hand-drawn art, and songs with a “green” theme – all part of the not-so-subtle propaganda that I dearly hope will lead to an entire generation of more environmentally-aware adults. But as she explains, wide-eyed, about how and why we need to protect the Earth, I’m struck by how little of that childlike wonder survives in the marketing of “green” behavior and actions to adults.  Eco-marketing tends to make uninspired use of celebs and other personalities and can at times take on an “eat your vegetables” tone.
That’s why I found Prince Charles’ public service announcements to save the rainforest so freshing. The Prince is joined by his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, and a diverse lineup of luminaries that includes Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Pele, Robin Williams, and the Dalai Lama in a new video promoting conservation of the rainforests.
“Our aim…is to build an online community to call for urgent action to protect the rainforests, without which we will most certainly lose the battle against catastrophic climate change,” intones Charles. But the gravity of his words is lightened by a whimsical computer-animated frog sitting next to him.  In fact, the green guy upstages the stars in every frame.  It’s a lovely touch, and one that adds a little magic to the spots, and to the message.