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Top PR Insights From 2023 – It’s More Than AI!

This year, our PR team published dozens of blog posts, sharing PR insights and unpacking trends from a variety of perspectives. They’re based on the experience and direct observation from people at all staff levels. And 2023 has certainly been a year of wild experiences for PR professionals.

We’re not just talking about ChatGPT – although the Crenshaw team has been early and vocal in proclaiming Chat GPT’s usefulness for PR. We’ve explored imaginative ways to frame narratives, take advantage of new social channels, ride the waves of change in tech PR, and more.

Here’s a countdown of the five Crenshaw blog posts that have attracted the most attention throughout 2023.

Top PR Insights from 2023 that PR Professionals Need for 2024

  1. Five Essentials for PR Campaigns Tied to Holidays

Holidays offer great opportunities for PR teams and the brands they represent, but it’s also easy to slip and see your message get lost in the chatter. To connect a campaign to a holiday, there must be a purpose, a relevant message, and of course a thorough plan. In this post, Sasha Dookhoo explains how PR teams can set themselves up for success in holiday-themed campaigns – and to recognize what success looks like.

  1. Triggers, Myths and Archetypes for Powerful PR Storytelling

PR is evolving beyond pitching stories for reporters to tell. More than ever, PR professionals are telling the stories ourselves. And to tell memorable stories, we need to understand how to make emotional connections with the audience, and to present a story that holds their attention. Where better to look for those narratives than Joseph Campbell’s own Hero’s Journey? There are reasons why these familiar story lines continue to resonate over millennia.

  1. For PR, Is ChatGPT an Asset or a Threat?

AI has been positioned for years as a tool for automating repetitive tasks. But ChatGPT marks a clear leveling up of AI’s potential for business. Here, Dorothy Crenshaw lays out what ChatGPT is and how it differs from earlier AI tools, complete with a demonstration. PR professionals can use ChatGPT to gain a competitive edge, but it’s important to understand the limitations to the technology. Otherwise, we risk declining professional standards.

  1. What ChatGPT Brings to Public Relations

ChatGPT is a powerful tool – but in PR, we need to use it thoughtfully, and without devaluing human creativity and oversight. When we look at how ad tech and B2B tech businesses use AI for their own benefit, those uses are often well-suited for PR work. Here are some examples of how Cooler Screens and other leading digital brands are making good use of AI, and some recommendations for further reading.

  1. How PR Teams Can Use ChatGPT

It quickly became obvious that ChatGPT would have the power to impact the work of PR and our entire industry. But it was also clear that we have many reasons to feel optimistic about these changes. At Crenshaw, we’ve seen so many valuable PR use cases for ChatGPT – from saving time on routine tasks, to brainstorming ideas and angles, to making video production feasible. Adam Brett shows us seven strong examples of how ChatGPT is empowering PR teams.

The PR insights we’ve gained will certainly be welcome food for though for those aiming to accelerate their teams and their innovation in 2024. Here’s to putting the knowledge to good and constructive use!

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