Kaitlyn Kotlowski March 13, 2013 | 03:58:21

Don’t Trip Up! Fam Trip Planning Primer

Seeing really is believing, and for PR pros, a familiarization press trip, or fam trip, is a staple for securing in-depth, first-hand coverage of a destination.  A successful fam trip will not only provide you with a way to show off your client’s tourist or business features but also give you a great opportunity to build relationships with key journalists and bloggers.

Here are some tips for making sure your next fam trip run smoothly:

Do your research. Cater the fam trip you’re developing toward the reporter’s interests – the more involved and engaged, the better!  Also, check with the reporter and see if there are any “must-sees” or (or any “must-not-sees”).

Prep. Details, details, details… from beginning to end, make sure everything is clearly mapped out. Include a well-structured itinerary, maps and directions, information for key contacts, what to pack, etc.

Discuss angles in advance. If it’s a freelancer, you want to make sure there’s a real assignment in the offing. Before the trip specs are set in stone, discuss the story highlights and iron out any wrinkles. If the reporter is planning a family trip feature, for example, you may want to skip the pub crawl. (or maybe not…)

Encourage social sharing. This is a simple, and sometimes undervalued, way to really highlight the destination and build buzz. Spell it out for the reporter – give them hashtags to use, tell them where they should consider “checking in,” let them know when they’re about to see an Instagram-worthy moment.

Resist the urge to jam your itinerary. As much as you want the reporter you’re working with to experience everything at the destination, give them some down time. After an action-packed day of touring, it’ll be helpful for them to take a break and reflect on everything they saw / experienced.

Any fam trip tips you’d like to share?

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