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Want To Work In PR? Take This Quiz

If you have experience working with a PR team, or if you have friends in PR, you might be wondering if public relations is a good career path for you.
People work in PR for many different reasons: they love media, they have transitioned from journalism; they simply like to write and be creative.Or maybe they’re intrigued by marketing and communications strategy for organizations, or are natural ambassadors and influencers. Each is a legitimate reason to check out a public relations career.

Think you might belong in PR? Take this quiz to see if you’re on the right track. (Answers are below).

1. Your personality type is:
a.  Very Type A — you are outgoing, ambitious, competitive, and driven.
b.  Somewhere in between — you are ambitious and aggressive in certain areas of life, but also adopt a relaxed outlook when the moment calls for it.
c.  Complete Type B — laid back, even passive, go with the flow all the way.

2. When faced with mounting tasks and deadlines, you:
a.  Start making lists — and lists within lists — and attach priorities to each, then tackle until done.
b.  Might miss one or two tasks here and there, but do your best to keep up.
c.  Feel completely overwhelmed and need a time out.

3. When you were in school, writing assignments were: 
a.  Your favorite — you studied grammar in your free time.
b.  A means to an end — you were comfortable but not passionate.
c.  A form of punishment.

4. For you, staying updated on news, events, and popular culture is: 
a.  Part of your natural routine. Every morning you check in with several different feeds to see what’s new. In your circle of friends, everyone knows you’re the one who knows the latest!
b.  Something you enjoy up to a point — then you need to unplug for a while.
c.  A chore, with the exception of staying up to date on your favorite television show.

5. When it comes to social media, you: 
a.  Will never be separated from your Instagram — you live and breathe for social!
b.  It fits easily within your routine.
c.  Avoid it as much as possible, except for one or two favorite channels.

6. When you go to parties, you: 
a.  Work the room, talking to anyone and everyone easily.
b.  Catch up with your friends, then let other conversations flow naturally.
c.  Stay close to the person you came with, and avoid talking to anyone else.

7.  Your style of working with other people is: 
a.  Very team oriented — you love working with other, can adjust to direction, but also like to take the lead when working on something you’re passionate about.
b.  Partner oriented — you work well with one or two other trusted colleagues.
c.  Lone ranger — you prefer to be alone and work solo until it’s necessary to share your work with others.

8.  Your idea of being persistent is to: 
a.  Short of breaking the law, there isn’t anything that’s going to get in the way of you reaching your goal once you’ve articulated it.
b.  Within reason, pursue a goal until it becomes unlikely you will succeed, then you cut your losses.
c.  Try something once — if it doesn’t work out, it’s not meant to be!

Answers: Give yourself 2 points for every (a) response, 1 point for every (b), and 0 points for every (c).
12-16: Born PR maeven. You’re a PR natural. You live and breathe the essential elements for being highly successful as a publicist. Watch out PR world, here you come!
6-11: You could make it in PR. Not every career fits like a glove from the start, but there’s enough there for you that, with some work, you could blossom into a great PR pro.
0-5: Don’t quit your day job. Sometimes, it’s just not a fit. Save yourself (and potential partners) the headache and look elsewhere for your dream career.

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