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25 Ad Tech Journalists To Follow On Twitter

As we race into another year, it’s time for PR pros to check their Twitter feeds to make sure we’re following the right people. 2020 is sure to be an innovative year for ad tech, thanks to CCPA and other industry happenings that are shaking up the status quo. By following the top journalists and influencers on Twitter, you’ll start the year more informed than ever.
Check out this list of 25 ad tech mavens as a starting point for your new follows in 2020. This is by no means a complete list of advertising journalists; they’re among those that are very active, often posting interesting and engaging updates about industry news.

Lara O’Reilly | @larakiara

Formerly of WSJ and Business Insider, Lara is a senior correspondent covering marketing at Digiday. A well-known name in the space, she is extraordinarily insightful and knows her stuff. Her cat content is also very enjoyable!

Marty Swant | @martyswant

Marty Swant is an experienced advertising reporter who went to Forbes this summer after spending four years at Adweek covering emerging tech, agencies, brands, and the growing intersection of Silicon Valley and D.C. He’s a great follow.

Anthony Ha | @anthonyha

Anthony covers ad tech as part of his advertising and media beat at TechCrunch. He’s one of the only people on the planet that can credibly write a story like this and also interview Will Smith. Before his tenure at TechCrunch, Anthony was at Adweek and VentureBeat.

Josh Sternberg | @joshsternberg

Josh is currently the Media and Tech editor at Adweek, where he oversees the team of reporters covering–you guessed it–ad tech! Previously, Josh held positions at NBC News, The Washington Post and Digiday. His Twitter also includes anecdotes of life after moving to the suburbs (relatable for this native New Yorker also living in NJ)!

Sahil Patel | @sizpatel

When I started working in PR, Sahil was a reporter at VideoInk. He then moved to Digiday to cover video. Today, he reports for WSJ’s CMO Today, with a focus on the ways that tech platforms, digital video and ad tech are changing the business of marketing. Sahil is a very funny and smart guy, so you’re sure to love his tweets.

Shoshana Wodinsky | @swodinsky 

Shoshana just joined Gizmodo after covering ad tech at Adweek. She’ll continue covering the space but from a consumer POV. Her account is great because she does a lot of investigative work and doesn’t hold back on pointing out weird or funky ad tech happenings on privacy, fraud, platforms, etc.

Lauren Johnson | @LaurenJohnson

Lauren joined Business Insider as a Senior advertising reporter in 2018, coming off a four-year stint at Adweek. She is a must-follow for breaking news and interesting takes on the industry, especially for all things video-related.

Jason Lynch | @jasonlynch

My favorite part of advertising has always been TV, and that brings us to Adweek’s TV editor, Jason Lynch. Jason heads up all TV content at Adweek, from programming to adtech. Definitely a good follow for those looking for TV insights especially given the rise of CTV.

Tanya Dua | @tanyadua

Back when I started PR, Tanya was covering brands at Digiday. Now, she’s at Business Insider where she still focuses on brands (DTC, in particular), while also covering ad tech. Her Twitter feed is a must-follow for juicy stories on all things advertising, media and marketing. 

Kelsey Sutton | @kelseymsutton

Kelsey Sutton is an editor at Adweek, where she covers the business of streaming television– a huge topic for this year and next as OTT continues to build buzz as the new big thing. She previously wrote about the media industry at POLITICO and at Mic.

Patrick Coffee | @PatrickCoffee

Another Adweek transplant now at Business Insider, Patrick Coffee is kind of an industry celeb known for managing the juicy AgencySpy blog. His current beat is breaking news, trends, and controversies affecting marketers, agencies, and platforms. It’s great stuff.

Lucia Moses | @lmoses

A longtime media reporter, Lucia Moses is now a deputy editor at Business Insider with a focus on how disruption is reshaping the landscape and new media models for the digital age. Recently, she’s focused on the rise and fall of media startups, the rise of the subscription economy, and the impact of tech giants’ moves on media and advertising–all key issues in 2020.

David Griner | @griner

A longtime writer and editor for Adweek, David currently leads coverage of advertising creativity and innovation and hosts Adweek’s weekly podcast, “Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad.” Previously, David was Adweek’s first social editor and a primary contributor for AdFreak. His account is one of the most amusing ones I follow.

Sarah Sluis | @SarahSluis

For the last five years, Sarah has been heading publisher coverage at AdExchanger, writing stories about the future of digital media, ad tech, and programmatic advertising, as well as moderating panels at industry events like including Programmatic IO, Industry Preview, Advertising Week and DMEXCO. She’s a must-follow.

Kristina Monllos | @kristinamonllos

After spending the last five years at Adweek as a Brand editor, Kristina joined Digiday this year as a Marketing editor. Apart from advertising takes, she also shares entertaining and culturally relevant posts.

Tim Peterson | @petersontee

Tim Peterson knows the industry extremely well. After stints at MarketingLand, AdAge and Adweek, Tim joined Digiday in 2018 and has become a go-to advertising reporter. He often shares his articles on his feed, ensuring you never miss his quality reporting.

Gavin Dunaway | @AdMonsterGavin

As Editorial Director at AdMonsters for almost the last decade, Gavin has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in ad tech. In addition to programming the company’s well-known conference content, Gavin writes magazine-style feature stories on the biggest trends in digital advertising, including all flavors of programmatic, mobile and viewability.

John Koetsier  | @johnkoetsier

Now a data expert and consultant, John was a full-time tech journalist for VentureBeat for years. He wrote regularly while building VentureBeat’s research division, VB Insight. He’s also written for Business Insider, TechCrunch, ReadWrite, Inc., and more. Since he doesn’t want to quit writing just yet, he currently contributes to Forbes and VentureBeat and actively posts on Twitter with insightful takes on industry news.

Ronan Shields | @ronan_shields 

A long time ad tech journalist, Ronan is definitely one of the most informed reporters in the space. I check his author profile page once a day to see what he’s writing about. He doesn’t tweet a ton but when he does it’s always with a link to a big story.

Kerry Flynn | @kerrymflynn

Kerry is a CNN media reporter who previously worked at Digiday and Mashable. Kerry is incredibly smart on the industry, but also shares heart-warming content to break up the news. I also hear she’s a great karaoke singer 😉

George Slefo | @georgeslefo

George covers the ad tech beat for Ad Age. Before he wrote for Ad Age, he was at the Chicago Sun-Times. He’s a must-follow for anyone in the space.

Patience Haggin  | @patiencehaggin

Patience was a VC reporter at WSJ, but switched over to the adtech beat in February. She’s written some excellent pieces on privacy, with a recent focus on politics, given the runup to the 2020 election.

Meg Graham  | @megancgraham

Meg Graham is the tech reporter at CNBC covering advertising and marketing. Previously, she covered agencies at AdAge. Meg is very active on Twitter and a great source of quality content for your feed.

Craig Silverman  | @CraigSilverman

Craig isn’t really an ad tech reporter, but he does write a lot about ad fraud and misinformation, both key concerns of the industry. He’s the media reporter at Buzzfeed, and a well-known, award-winning expert in “fake news.”

Mike Shields  | @digitalshields

Mike Shields has been covering the industry for many years, with key publications from Business Insider and WSJ to Digiday and Adweek on his resume. While he no longer writes full time, he occasionally moonlights on Business Insider and is always posting about the big news of the day.

For honorable mentions, I highly recommend following @AdTechPotus on Twitter. As both a political and ad tech junkie, this account’s content is everything I could want and more.
I’d also recommend following NYT’s Taylor Lorenz. Taylor doesn’t cover ad tech, but she’s worth following because her takes on digital culture and memes inform a lot of ad coverage today. And she’s one of the best at documenting new online platforms like TikTok, which are growing as ad businesses.

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