Richard Etchison April 25, 2018 | 03:31:44

New Client F-Secure Announces Security Innovation

Cyber-security company F-Secure has been protecting enterprises and consumers from cyberattacks and data breaches since 1988.  We recently helped promote an extraordinary innovation.

Exposing Potential Threats in Hotels

F-Secure announced the outcome of a research initiative where it discovered extraordinary and disturbing vulnerabilities in the electronic key systems used by many hotels. Over a period of years, two F-Secure researchers were able to create a master key that can access any lock made by a certain manufacturer – translating into millions of hotel locks worldwide. Since that time F-Secure has worked with the lock manufacturer to mitigate the vulnerability and develop a fix for all affected hotel properties. As sensitive news, the story was embargoed until the flaw was resolved, then released to top technology outlets worldwide, starting with a feature in Wired, and followed by Reuters, Gizmodo, Fortune, The Economist, and scores of other outlets. The upshot is excellent positioning for F-Secure and its top team of security experts.