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Top Newsletters For PR Teams At High-Growth Companies

Back in June, Crenshaw Communications launched its monthly newsletter, offering advice, showcasing Q&As, shining a spotlight on clients, and more. For those who work at high-growth PR firms, newsletters are a valuable tool; after all, in a fast-paced industry like PR, we want to be first to see relevant news. That’s why newsletters are so important. The  best are succinct, informed, and tailored to deliver the freshest content. They’re in a digestible format for offering ideas for media approaches, or insights that can inform a program or sales pitch.

Here are some of the the top newsletters for PR pros who want to be in the know:

Ragan PR Daily

Ragan, a must-know name for anyone working in PR, delivers top news and insights directly to people’s inboxes every day. The PR Daily newsletter provides not just the top headlines of the day, but in-depth insight and strategies for everything from crisis communications to the future of PR. One of its standout features is the ‘Mistakes Spotlight’, which pinpoints common industry errors and guides readers on steering clear of them.


Axios describes its news services as “Smart Brevity®,” and claims it gets readers “smarter, faster on what matters.” That ‘s why it appeals to many people in PR who rely on its different newsletters for the latest headlines tailored to individual sectors or beats. From business to technology to media, Axios delivers the news in a way that’s quick and painless for PR pros to take in.

PRovoke Media

Formerly The Holmes Report, PRovoke Media’s weekly newsletter is a one-stop shop for all the most important PR industry news and opinions. PRovoke sheds light on the latest and greatest PR campaigns, agency mergers, shifts in industry direction, and emerging trends. Whether someone wants to read about valuable case studies, or if they’re an analytical type looking for longer, more in-depth reads, PRovoke offers an extensive understanding of the PR universe. It’s probably the best resource for thought leadership about our business.

Muck Rack Daily

Muck Rack is already a valuable tool for anyone in PR, and their newsletter is perfect for not only daily industry insights/trends, but also keeping tabs on moves in the journalism and media world. Muck Rack Daily updates readers on journalists’ job changes, their top tweets and posts, and stories they share, as well as notable news that trends among reporters on social platforms.


One of the top publications for anything brands and media, Digiday has a wide offering of newsletters on topics such as media, marketing, retail, the workplace and more. As a bonus, they also offer it in Spanish.

Morning Brew 

What better way to start one’s day than with a fresh cup of…news? Morning Brew’s daily newsletter showcases all the business and industry news PR pros need to jumpstart their workday. It’s a great resource for angles to send to clients, newsjacking opportunities, or just a way to be more informed.


PRWeek has plenty of different newsletters that take the pulse on the PR world. From dissecting successful brand strategies to analyzing real-time crisis management, it ensures its readers are never out of the loop. One of its most unique offerings is Weekender Newsletter, delivered on Saturday mornings. For those that think PR never takes a day off, this is an ideal way to recap the week that was, highlighting any major stories, moves and trends both overall and in the PR industry.

Social Media Examiner

Social media is more important now than ever, and PR people need to be on top of the latest social trends to understand the digital landscape. Social Media Examiner provides the latest stories as well as tips that thousands of readers take to heart every day. It’s guaranteed to make one more social-media savvy.


Even for those who don’t represent technology companies, TechCrunch offers something for everyone. From newsletters on startups to nuggets on space, TechCrunch helps explain the evolving landscape in a way that makes it a necessary read no matter what industry one has clients in.

The Skimm

Are you someone who wants your news short and sweet? Do you scroll through long paragraphs of text to get to the TL;DR? Then The Skimm is for you. It presents news in a brief yet easy-to-read format but somehow doesn’t skimp on the details!

In a world with so much information that it can be overwhelming, these essential newsletters can help equip us with the tools, insights, and foresight to navigate the evolving PR landscape. For every B2B PR expert, tech PR specialist, or general PR enthusiast, they are a useful compass that help point us in the right direction.

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