Colleen O'Connor July 30, 2020 | 05:26:29

You Know You Work In Tech PR When…

Tech PR offers constant opportunities for jumping on news and trends. And, yes, PR people in general are always “on,” because we’re subconsciously or overtly thinking of ways to bring clients into the conversation or use news to generate coverage. But tech PR takes things to a different level because of its constant innovation and dominance of the news.

In fact, if you agree with one of maybe all of the following statements, you might just work in tech PR…    

  • You always have multiple news outlets open on your browser, especially The Information, TechCrunch and Digiday.

  • When news breaks, you rush to Twitter to join the conversation.

  • The words “angel,” “cloud,” and “streaming,” mean something different to you than to most people in your family.

  • You secretly hope you’ve been shadowbanned on Twitter.

  • You can write a funding announcement press release in your sleep. 

  • Advertising Week is your favorite week of the year, especially when your clients are hosting a panel on hot topics like privacy regulations or streaming content wars.

  • You catch yourself using phrases like “I’ll circle back with them” and “Let’s revisit this conversation” in everyday life. 

  • Your phone has alerts set for topics like “ransomware”, “GDPR” and “viewability,” the better to hop on newsjacking opportunities. 

  • You find yourself sending calendar invites to your friends for social events so you don’t overbook yourself.

  • You’ve answered half a dozen emails marked “important” before you get out of bed in  the morning. 

  • You are subscribed to numerous Slack channels for different accounts and are in constant communication with your team all day long. 

  • It’s not uncommon to be in a texting relationship with all your clients. 

  • You often explain to friends and family that you need to have the ringer on your phone on because you’re waiting to hear back from a reporter about an interview. 

  • You get excited for even the most minor upgrade of a tech product or operating system and dream about the day when 5G is everywhere.

  • You figure out how any press conference, panel, or client event can make a good photo opp for social media and marketing materials. 

  • Explaining the difference between buy side and sell side in programmatic advertising is one of your favorite hobbies.  

  • You’ve lost count on how many times your conference line has been double booked and had another executive jump in on your media call. 

  • Getting drinks with your tech journalist friends was a regular pre-COVID occurrence, but on a good week it ended with karaoke. 

  • The baristas at Starbucks know your order by heart because you start your day with a Venti Cold Brew before your first media call.

  • You have the ability to turn any problem into an opportunity. 

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