Colleen O'Connor

communications, Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • June 8, 2022

Myths And Facts About Public Relations

Almost 10 years into my tech PR career, I still have family and friends ask the age-old question – “So, what exactly do you do? What is PR exactly?”  Why do PR people feel that no one understands what we do? Because few do. And public relations isn’t always a straight path. I originally started […]

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Crenshaw Communications, News • May 31, 2022

2022 PROI Global Summit in Dubrovnik

Our CEO Dorothy Crenshaw is representing Crenshaw Comm at the PROI Global Summit in Dubrovnik this week. PROI is the largest and most established international network of independent PR firms. The Dubrovnik meeting kicked off with a motivational presentation from the very dynamic Valorie Burton of the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute. Valorie was followed […]

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communications, Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations, time management • May 5, 2022

How To Kill It As A PR Assistant

Guest post by PR Assistant, Chanel Roopchand As a first-time PR Assistant at a B2B technology PR firm, I knew I had to take in a lot of information, learn new jargon and acronyms, and adjust to real-life work experience within a short time. There was also the shift to working from home. This was […]

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communications, Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, time management • April 14, 2022

A PR Spring Cleaning Checklist

Finally after a long winter (at least here in New York), the change in weather means it’s time for PR professionals to refresh their plans and get re-organized. Just like the tradition of ‘spring cleaning’ a home, PR teams should consider cleaning up daily tasks to start the new quarter and season on a fresh […]

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PR Fish Bowl, public relations • January 27, 2022

10 Phrases To Delete From Your PR Vocabulary

PR agency teams, especially those in tech PR, LOVE to speak in jargon. We have shorthand for nearly everything and sometimes forget that people outside our organization or industry might not know what we’re talking about. While those in PR are more than happy to explain what our unique vocabulary means, there are certain phrases […]

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