Richard Etchison February 8, 2019 | 04:49:26

Crenshaw Starts The New Year With New Clients

As the calendar turns to 2019, Crenshaw Communications welcomes new technology companies to our client roster: BrandTotal and LiveIntent.

BrandTotal is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup based in Tel Aviv and NYC, that has developed a marketing platform built by cybersecurity experts from the Israeli Defense Force. It was founded in May 2016 by high school buddies Alon Leibovich, Omer Ramote and Amir Leshman. Working with some of the world’s most reputable names, BrandTotal is a high-tech and VC-backed agile marketing intelligence company that helps enterprises reverse-engineer the marketing strategies of their competitors. By applying advanced cyber security techniques and artificial intelligence, BrandTotal uncovers and analyzes competitors’ “dark” marketing efforts, illuminating their strategies and tactics.

LiveIntent is the “people-based marketing technology platform that makes email your superpower.” With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Berlin, Copenhagen, and London, its global teams have unlocked the power of email for over 2,000 of the world’s biggest brands and publishers since 2009. The company first launched as a social media platform for online publishers at TechCrunch Disrupt back in 2010, when it became the first programmatic platform to buy and sell ads in email.