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Top Retail Podcasts PR Pros Should Know

For retail companies, podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Many have made their way into PR plans, and for good reason  They’re a great way to showcase an executive or industry expert’s knowledge and expertise on the ins and outs of the retail industry at a challenging time. 

But with so many different podcasts out there, it can be tough to pin down which should be considered. It’s the job of the PR team to sift through the variety of shows to assess which are most worth a business executive’s time. 

With that in mind, here are five retail podcasts to check out and consider for retail companies who want to amp up their podcast footprint.

Total Retail Talks

Produced by the well-regarded retail publication Total Retail, the podcast is hosted by Joe Keenan and targeted to executives who crave the knowledge and insights necessary to stay afloat in the busy, ever-changing retail industry. It consists of topical interviews and chats with a wide variety of guests. Listeners will absorb too-notch information and practical advice from retail experts, influencers and leaders. 

Recent Guests: Alexander Sienkiewicz (CMO, SwimOutlet), James Brohamer (Director of Omnichannel Marketing, Purple), Jessica Herrin (CEO & Founder, Stella & Dot)

Retail Gets Real

Retail Gets Real is a weekly podcast from the National Retail Federation (NRF) that showcases authentic, insightful chats with some of the most interesting and important people in the industry. Each week, retail executives, industry experts, entrepreneurs, influencers and more come on the show to discuss current trends, their personal stories and what the future holds for the retail industry. 

Recent Guests: Amanda Hesser (CEO & Co-Founder, Food 52) and Merrill Stubbs (President & Co-Founder, Food 52), Sharon Leite (CEO, The Vitamin Shoppe), Amy Vener (Head of Retail Strategy, Pinterest)

The Jason & Scot Show

Hosted by industry vets Jason Goldberg (Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis) and Scot Wingo (CEO of GetSpiffy and Founder and Executive Chairman of Channel Advisor), this weekly podcast focuses on the world of e-commerce and digital shopper marketing and its most prominent trends. Episodes include interviews with retail and e-commerce leaders, deep dives into key topics, as well as any timely news. 

Recent Guests: Nick Huzar (CEO, OfferUp), Juozas Kaziukenas (Founder and CEO, Marketplace Pulse), Kasey Lobaugh (Principal & Chief Retail Innovation Officer, Deloitte)

The Modern Retail Podcast

The Modern Retail Podcast is hosted by Digiday Managing Director of Editorial Products Shareen Pathak. Each week, it features an interview with an entrepreneur or executive in the retail or DTC space. There have been more than 100 episodes of the show so far, and it’s a favorite for those looking to hear insightful commentary from some of the brightest names in the industry. 

Recent Guests: Stuart Landesberg (CEO, Grove Collaborative), Franklin Isacson (Co-Founder, Coefficient Capital), Nick Ling (Co-Founder, Pattern)

Retail Focus Podcast

The Retail Focus podcast takes a close look at the world of retail as a whole. Everything from the latest trends to new businesses developments to more general, historical perspectives are covered each week. Podcast episodes include news summaries, interviews and a look into what’s on the horizon for the retail industry. 

Recent Guests: Karl Haller (Consumer Center of Competency, IBM), Meghann Martindale (Global Head of Retail Research, CBRE), Paul Cohen (National Sales Director, CREXi)

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