Product Launches

Just as you only have one chance to make a first impression, you typically have a single shot at a successful product launch.

PR for a Product Launch Marketing Plan

The need for a new product launch strategy and a flawlessly executed PR program to support it is probably the most common trigger for hiring a PR agency. A strong PR plan for product launch is crucial to successfully bring your product to market.

Some new products or services are inherently newsworthy, but in most cases, the marketplace is competitive, and the media marketplace is no different. There are many factors that may make a difference in building “share of voice” when it comes to a new product or category launch.

Developing a New Product Launch Strategy

At Crenshaw, we strive to do double or triple duty for product launch marketing plans. The way we see it, there are multiple stories in every product announcement. First is the product itself. Does it solve a problem? Advance a category? Make a lifestyle statement?

Also important and potentially newsworthy is the product branding or company story. We work to find the “story behind the story” – the team, personality, process, and/or corporate signature that precede a new product launch and are intrinsic to its development.

In addition to the positioning and “packaging” of the product story, its promotion is often a logistical exercise. Because of our work in ecommerce, as well as verticals like consumer technology, food and beverage, and art/home decor, we have significant experience in key tactics of product launch campaigns, including media and blogger reviews; product loan programs; blogger promotions and FTC disclosure issues; media “deskside” demonstrations; and expert spokesperson relationships for product promotion.

Finally, advance planning is essential to any successful new product launch. Please contact us as soon as your product plans take shape if you’d like to discuss product launch PR strategy or develop plans for a powerful marketing campaign.