Reputation Management

Good public relations and reputation management go hand-in-hand.

PR and Reputation Management Services

A stellar business reputation is a priceless asset, and professional management of one’s online reputation is just an outgrowth of traditional reputation management. But in today’s more complex world of accelerated news cycles and digital and social media, reputation management companies can help your business regain control. Google and its competitors aren’t just search engines, after all; they are online reputation engines, and a company’s digital footprint is a key part of its overall perception. As Winston Churchill famously said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

In the digital age, reputation isn’t always informed by any actual experience with a company or its products and services. To the frustration of some businesses, it doesn’t necessarily stem from information released by the company, yet impressions are freely shared through social channels, whether based in fact or fiction. That’s one reason that our approach to our reputation management services is very PR and media-centric. Positive visibility achieved through earned media coverage; relationships with opinion leaders; or endorsements by subject-matter experts are tried-and-true ways to influence expectations for a business or brand, and to bulletproof one’s corporate reputation.

Reputation Management Consultants With A PR Point of View

As reputation management consultants, we’re skilled at combining classic PR tactics with content marketing, social media savvy, and customer education initiatives to create a comprehensive campaign to preempt or correct negative coverage, build a foundation of specialized expertise, and promote corporate leadership and values. We have also helped scores of clients manage and overcome reputation threats due to customer complaints, negative reviews, bad press, or inaccurate reporting about their products or services.

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