Jackie Hafner

Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • January 28, 2014

Tips For Top PR Firms: More Creative Proposals

The start of the New Year signifies the beginning of RFP “season” for PR pros, since many consumer and B2B companies are looking for fresh marketing direction.  During this time you can expect to hear catch phrases like “out of the box thinking” and “disruptive innovation.”  It’s not a good idea to embrace creativity for […]

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PR Fish Bowl • December 13, 2013

Top Media Relations Tips for Consumer PR Agencies

“Sure, I’d love to interview your client.” And with that simple response, a PR pro’s day is made. Of course, you can’t control the outcome of your pitches, and consumer public relations – like all types of PR – is an art, not a science. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl • July 23, 2013

Managing Multiple Agency Relationships

Being a successful PR pro goes hand-in-hand with successfully navigating multiple relationships around you: getting the media what they need, on deadline; answering to multiple supervisors who oversee different accounts; and of course, making all your clients happy. If the juggling act among media, supervisors, colleagues, and clients weren’t enough, now throw more agencies into […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl • June 25, 2013

Summer Work Wear In A PR Office

Summer is in full swing, which means that the fashionable PR pro has officially switched over her (or his) closet from warm and cozy to cool and comfortable. And with the warmer weather comes a slight shift in PR workplace dress code.  As a general rule of thumb, summer dress code is more casual, but […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • May 14, 2013

How to Prepare for a PR Interview

A former colleague once told me that she “interviews recreationally” – that is, she actually enjoys going on job interviews even if she isn’t actually looking to make a jump.  She interviews for sport – to see what else is out there, remain savvy about the PR marketplace, and stay competitive within the field. Assuming […]

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