ImPRessions • October 13, 2021

Can Ethical PRs Represent Unethical Clients?

The public relations business is plagued with bad cultural stereotypes (see: Flacks) as well as real-life examples of specialists who lie or deceive. Sure, every occupation has its bad apples. Ironically, however, image control for PR is particularly challenging. For one thing, we answer to many parties, from clients and media to shareholders and stakeholders. […]

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ImPRessions • September 29, 2021

Why Press Coverage Still Matters In PR

Is earned media – otherwise known as press coverage — still the key to a successful public relations program? Or is it simply one component of the broader picture? It may seem like a silly question; after all, “publicity” is what people think of when they think about PR. And even in the business, many […]

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ImPRessions • August 31, 2021

Lessons Of Theranos: Sex, Lies, And PR

Like many in tech PR, I’m fascinated by the Theranos story because of what it says about Silicon Valley, public relations, and the press. Now that the trial of its disgraced founder Elizabeth Holmes has started, media and pundits have updated their hot takes on her spectacular rise and fall. Theranos claimed to have devised […]

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ImPRessions • August 6, 2021

What Thought Leaders Have In Common

In B2B public relations, there’s a lot of talk about thought leadership. Agency teams promise client executives that they’ll be positioned as thought leaders, we throw the term into proposals, and we call our content “thought capital.” Granted, good executive content is a very useful component of a B2B PR program, but that doesn’t necessarily […]

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ImPRessions • July 21, 2021

Who’s Winning The PR Space Race?

The new space race is on, but this time, instead of a PR challenge among competing governments and clashing ideologies, it’s a pissing contest among billionaire entrepreneurs…with phallic imagery to match. Or so it seems. The national press has chronicled the space flights with live saturation coverage so far. Maybe it’s a welcome break from […]

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