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crisis management • April 6, 2017

Pepsi’s Smart Response To Its PR Controversy

Brand Pepsi fell flat this week with its bafflingly tone-deaf ad featuring Kendall Jenner, but in the wake of a public relations backlash, the brand did at least one thing right. After Twitter lit up with nasty tweets and late-night comics poured on scorn, Pepsi reacted quickly. Its response was so simple, sensible, and honest […]

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crisis management • December 28, 2016

The Biggest PR Disasters Of 2016

2016 had plenty of the kind of the kinds of news-making crises that public relations people dread. It was a year of surprises, setbacks, and scandals. Here’s our list for the top stories that damaged brand reputations, wrecked careers, and kept media and PRs working overtime. Samsung’s product recall gets heated Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 showed […]

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crisis management • August 25, 2016

How Not To Make A Public Apology

As any PR person will tell you, the public apology has become a ritual for personalities or politicians who’ve made a mistake and need to restore their reputation. But too often it falls short. Call it the fauxpology, the pseudo-apology or, as I prefer, the non-apology. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t work; anyone listening […]

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crisis management • July 20, 2016

PR Tips For Moving Past A Public Mistake

This week the Trump campaign and the Republican National Convention reminded the PR community —  and everyone else — of the perils of mishandling a public mistake. Within an hour of what should have been the high point of a shaky first day for the RNC, the campaign was in full damage control mode. Melania […]

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crisis management • December 16, 2015

The Top Crises Of 2015: A PR Update

For those of us in public relations, 2015 has brought a number of crisis situations for well-known brands and individuals linked to them. I reviewed the most visible brand crises of 2015 from a PR point of view for MENG, but in the week since its posting, there have already been some new developments. Besides […]

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