Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • March 16, 2012

Being A Good PR Mentor

PR, like any other business, depends on its mentors.  Without them, incoming junior-level staffers have to leap into an atmosphere of industry lingo, established media relationships and ever-changing trends.  A good mentor is invaluable to a mentee, to an agency, and to the industry as a whole. Seek out Mentees While some people have the […]

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PR Fish Bowl, public relations • January 6, 2012

Pre-CES PR Musings

CES 2012. Already. We’ve seen it all, haven’t we?  What can CES possibly show us? I’ll tell you one thing it will show us: a 55-inch OLED TV from LG. I can’t even get my head around that; I remember seeing a 12-inch OLED several years ago and being knocked out, thinking, oh, it will be YEARS before […]

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Crenshaw Communications, ImPRessions, public relations • September 6, 2011

Ten Years On…A Look Back At 9/11

There’s an awful lot of “ten years later” coverage of 9/11 on our screens these days.  It’s a little unnerving to be reminded of the ten-year anniversary of anything at all, let alone that of something dreadful.  Ten years married, ten years graduated, ten years old. Ten years on. Here’s what I learned from 9/11: […]

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