12 Days Of Christmas (or holiday of your choice) PR Edition

Fellow PR practitioners, clients, and media, it’s time to revisit the famous gifts from the “12 Days of Christmas” song. Here’s this year’s “ripped from the headlines” spin on the evergreen list.

Twelve drummers drumming. An awesome gift this year, when at least twelve top drummers from Charlie Watts to Max Weinberg gathered on 12.12.12 for the concert to benefit Superstorm Sandy survivors.

Eleven pipers piping: Not quite 11 states where you can legally pipe “pot” but marijuana did become legal in Colorado, Washington and New Jersey. Counting California, definitely a trend.

Ten lords a-leaping: The lords are leaping in London, trying to stay ahead of social media. It seems the UK’s House of Lords has summoned senior figures from Facebook and Google in their ongoing investigation into media convergence, media power and how it might be regulated in the future.

Nine ladies dancing: Many more than nine ladies (and men and kids and YouTube cats) were entranced by this year’s dance craze, — “Gangnam Style” — the most viewed video on YouTube. Note to self: How can we “borrow” for clients?

Eight maids a-milking: A statistic sure to make Mayor Bloomberg a little sad, cow’s milk consumption is down this year, trailing soda (and beer and bottled water, too.) I feel a Dairy Board RFP coming our way.

Seven swans a-swimming: As long as they’re not “black swans.” We in PR love new phraseology to have “pun” with, but this term, emerging after Superstorm Sandy, is downright scary. It means “a surprise event with a huge impact that can’t reasonably be anticipated based on historic records.”

Six geese a-laying: All we really want to know here – are any of them laying the proverbial Golden Egg, and can it save us from the (proverbial) Fiscal Cliff?

Five golden rings: A perennial favorite – contemplating why awful jewelry commercials fill the airwaves this time of year? Can’t the PR firms for Jared, Pandora and Kay help influence the scary bad creative for their clients?

Four calling birds: Maybe the calling birds can call the Angry Birds and create a new game!

Three French hens: Wisdom from French hens (women) have dominated book publishing this year, from staying thin to raising children. Here’s the latest advice on living la vie en rose, demonstrating that some trends have real staying power.

Two turtle doves: For centuries doves have symbolized peace, and they’ve long been a part of Christmas and weddings. But the association we like best is the brilliant PR campaign that’s still going, but always morphing, the Dove Soap Real Beauty initiative, recently highlighted for its creativity here.

And a partridge in a pear tree! As it turns out, partridges may alight on pear trees (likely for holiday photo opps), but they don’t actually live there. However, if you Google this, you will get upwards of 600,000 results, which I imagine other PR pros are trying to spin into something this time of year as well.