Gaffes And Goofs To Avoid In (PR) Resumes

Ahh, springtime, when PR firms revel in the rush of resumes from recent (or soon-to-be) college graduates. Rifling through the resumes and cover letters can be irksome, however, when faced with a galling and appalling array of grammar, syntax, and spelling gaffes and goofs. The following is just a sampling of what has landed in our inboxes this month.

Beware, punctuation junkies, and those for whom “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” is a grammar bible. The following may be painful.

“As a senior psychology major graduating from Yale in May, I was wondering if Cremshaw Communications might possibly have any entry-level opportunities available.” (Our company name is Crenshaw Communications.)

“I am ‘in the know’ of current news, trends, and practices. I demonstrate the ability to work cohesively and strong written, verbal, and social media skills.”

“My previous management experience has given me a solid foundation to multi-task and my degree in International Relations required many hours of research that was complied into 50 page papers giving me strong analytical and writing skills.” (you find the typo!)

“I am interested in this job because I moved to New York with the desire to work amongst luxury brands or with brands that translate ultimate beauty and fashion.“ (And what to do these brands “translate ultimate beauty and fashion” into?)

“In regards to my salary requirements, based on my work experience, education and the New York standard of living costs I feel that a salary within the range of $35,000 – $50,000 would be fair.” (The sentence may be punctuated correctly, but the audacity is questionable!)

Please share your favorite resume “wrongs”!