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Smart Communications

Making Conversations Smarter

For major businesses, interactions with customers and partners have become more complex, and most recognize that customer communications increasingly takes place in an interactive and real-time context. As a leader in CCM, Smart Communications helps the world’s largest enterprises, many in highly regulated industries, communicate with their customers better and more efficiently. We help build recognition for Smart’s suite of cloud-based solutions that move businesses beyond traditional enterprise communications into a new generation of customer interaction.

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B2B Communications & Professional Services PR, Cybersecurity, Technology Products and Services


In Cybersecurity, Innovation Counts

Finnish cybersecurity provider F-Secure has a strong portfolio of consumer and corporate products and is well known in Europe. Our team has helped it expand visibility for new B2B products and services and build recognition for its use of data and artificial intelligence. Stories like a Wired feature on its discovery of a method for hacking electronic hotel keys have helped build F-Secure’s position as the provider of enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions for SMBs in the U.S. market. In a category like digital security, mere competence may not be enough; innovation makes the difference.

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Ad Tech, Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle, Technology Products and Services

Remedy Health Media

Rx: Digital Storytelling

People are increasingly going online for health information, usually to diagnose themselves based on symptoms they’re experiencing. But what about those who are already diagnosed – by medical professionals – and who might be seeking help and inspiration for a chronic illness? Enter Remedy Health Media. Our role is to help differentiate Remedy as a leading site for those chronic conditions and a top-tier platform for engaging patients through digital storytelling.

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Consumer and Lifestyle

Pouring It On For Weekly Tasting

A New Way To Experience Wine

What’s the perfect wine for Thai takeout? When should you chill that bottle of red? Weekly Tasting is a new and delicious way to experience all types of wine and to expand your wine palate whether you’re an expert or a newbie. Our team’s role has been to highlight Weekly Tasting’s unique offering and the skilled women sommeliers behind the brand. The result? A robust wave of broadcast and print coverage for the brand and its ambassadors, just in time for the holiday season. Salut!

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Ad Tech, B2B Communications & Professional Services PR, Technology Products and Services


Delivering Reader Engagement

Media audiences today are fragmented. Publishers have been losing viewers to mobile content, listicles, short video and content “recommenders” that offer monetization at the expense of user retention. Until Arkadium. Arkadium delivers interactive, engaging content at scale, helping the industry’s leading publishers boost traffic and drive revenue. We’ve helped Arkadium build its reputation as a category innovator, a great place to work, and the force behind a blockbuster new content product for publishers.

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