Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle

At Crenshaw, we bring a strong Direct-To-Consumer orientation to health and wellness PR, with years of experience primarily focused in consumer health, health technology, and programs that support non-traditional health and wellness products. We have particular experience in the launch of personal health products and wearable technology, and in managing public-interest lifestyle marketing campaigns that help individuals take steps to manage and improve wellness.

Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle • February 11, 2019

Bnai Zion Foundation

Making A More Inclusive Israel For 110 years, Bnai Zion has completed over one hundred humanitarian projects in Israel, making it a more transformative, innovative, and welcoming place for all. Here in the U.S. we help Bnai Zion spread the word about its accomplishments in healthcare technology and support for the aging and disabled. The […]

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Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle • December 19, 2017

Remedy Health Media

Rx: Digital Storytelling People are increasingly going online for health information, usually to diagnose themselves based on symptoms they’re experiencing. But what about those who are already diagnosed – by medical professionals – and who might be seeking help and inspiration for a chronic illness? Enter Remedy Health Media. Our role is to help differentiate […]

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Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle • July 28, 2016

Wearsafe Labs

A Safer World With Wearsafe In an unsafe or uncomfortable situation, wearable personal safety service Wearsafe connects the wearer with trusted friends or family at the push of a button so that they can get help. Our team leveraged the 2016 back-to-school season to help Wearsafe tell its story to college students and their families. […]

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Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle • November 20, 2014

ZetrOZ, Inc.

Innovations In Pain Therapy “Wearable technology” isn’t just about smartwatches or Google Glass. With its groundbreaking portable ultrasound product sam®, ZetrOZ has made ultrasound therapy wearable, creating a new wave of convenient treatments for common pain conditions. Our program targets athletic trainers, physical therapists and other influencers as well as triathletes, “weekend” athletes, and Boomers […]

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Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle • April 22, 2012

Sundial Brands

Tapping A “New” General Market Richelieu Dennis started selling shea butter creams from a street cart in Harlem in the 90s after civil war in his native Liberia prevented him from returning home. Today, Shea Moisture products are in Target, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart. What was once “multicultural” is now mainstream, and a new marketplace has […]

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Consumer Health and Wellness Marketing and PR

Many of our most successful health marketing campaigns have involved working with or for government agencies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and organizations for health professionals. Our experience encompasses established nutrition, pharmaceutical, and consumer health brands as well as startups and emerging companies.

From the impact of the Affordable Care Act, to the aging of the Baby Boom, we understand the most powerful trends and opportunities for today’s healthcare products and services, and we specialize in creating new opportunities for our clients through tailored health marketing strategies.

Over the past decade we have worked with health insurance providers, technology companies, and food and nutrition products to develop health marketing strategies that focus on health improvement as well as disease management. Our specific expertise includes management of obesity, diabetes, heart health, and healthcare for women.

For many successful lifestyle marketing programs that have a goal of driving consumer engagement and behavior change, we tap our experience creating partnerships with professionals, including physicians, registered dietitians, chiropractors, physical trainers, and nurse practitioners and physicians assistants.

There is a growing market for consumer-focused healthcare products and services, driven by higher consumer awareness of the relation of health to lifestyle, greater focus on fitness, and the democratization of health information (for better or ill) enabled by the web and social media. Our strongest expertise lies in reaching this new, “empowered” healthcare consumer as well as the professionals and advocates who influence their opinion and actions. Please contact us for more information on our health and lifestyle marketing services.