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Telling a consumer technology brand’s story through a concentrated PR strategy lets the public know about a company, its technology products and their value to the consumer. Communicating this message is vital because the consumer tech marketplace is fiercely competitive, and buyers are in control. To stand out, a consumer tech brand’s story must be meaningful, and it must reach consumers through what they’re reading, watching or browsing.

Consumer and Lifestyle • September 19, 2017

Pouring It On For Weekly Tasting

A New Way To Experience Wine What’s the perfect wine for Thai takeout? When should you chill that bottle of red? Weekly Tasting is a new and delicious way to experience all types of wine and to expand your wine palate whether you’re an expert or a newbie. Our team’s role has been to highlight […]

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Consumer and Lifestyle • April 20, 2014

Pabst Brewing Company

Tapping A Storied History We are proud to partner with the Pabst Brewing Company for the relaunch of its iconic craft beer, Ballantine IPA.  A legendary 136-year-old brew, the beer was painstakingly reverse-engineered by the Ballantine master brewer with a recipe that left no detail to chance.  We help the brand bring its story full […]

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Consumer and Lifestyle • January 17, 2014


Original Art, Original You!

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Consumer and Lifestyle • July 13, 2013

A Fresh Idea For The “Gifted Giver”

Making Life A Little Sweeter From the iconic fruit bouquets to its delicious dipped fruit, Edible Arrangements has set a new standard for those who are truly “gifted” at offering fresh, creative, and delectable gifts for others. We’ve helped Edible Arrangements tell the extraordinary success story of its founder Tariq Farid in the business and […]

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Consumer and Lifestyle • January 11, 2013

Atlantic City Alliance

We’re Doing it for AC! The Atlantic City Alliance has launched a $20 million tourism campaign, “Do Anything, Do Everything, Do AC” to reposition the destination’s offerings and boost visitation. The Crenshaw team’s mission is to help change dated perceptions about Atlantic City and raise awareness of its attractions through media fam trips, feature placement, […]

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Building Brand Awareness with a Consumer Tech PR Agency

At Crenshaw, we recognize that every consumer public relations campaign demands a unique approach to ensure success. Our teams customize B2C PR for each consumer technology brand. This means established products can stand out—and emerging technologies will develop identities. We integrate classic storytelling with social media and direct marketing to drive coverage and influence buying decisions. Our agency is passionate about communicating the unique benefits of each tech company’s products and services.  

An agency that specializes in consumer public relations works diligently to build brand recognition for its clients. Consumer technology has become a crowded market, so in order to stand out and experience success, brands need to establish trust with potential customers. With the right PR, a company’s target audience is more familiar with its products and often grows to trust them over time. Our team has generated interest and built brand loyalty for a variety of traditional and direct-to-consumer technology brands through a strategy that blends earned media, customer reviews and social media. We’re a consumer tech PR agency with experience ranging from  wearables to robotics, dedicated to delivering results that have a positive business impact. By using our expertise, companies have gained increased recognition for brands in the retail, QSR, consumer and COVID-19 health, and home design sectors. 

Essentially, consumer tech PR is positive public exposure for a brand, product or company. It tells the world why a B2C technology business is committed to excellence and how it serves its customers. Perhaps most importantly, a successful public relations push can be the springboard for new customers and increased revenue. For information about our consumer technologyB2C public relations services, contact us.