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The sales tech space is constantly evolving, with new and established players introducing new solutions to an already crowded market. A strategic public relations program can help drive awareness and build credibility for any sales tech brand.

Sales Tech • August 15, 2023

Chili Piper

Chili Piper, an inbound conversion platform for B2B revenue teams, tasked Crenshaw Communications with developing a media relations strategy to generate awareness for its brand as a leader in sales enablement. Knowledge of barriers to successful sales tech PR, including a limited number of “sales-focused” reporters, led Crenshaw Communications to develop a strategy focused on […]

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PR for Sales Tech

Sales numbers aren’t enough to establish a brand. PR is important for sales technology companies looking to achieve specific business goals. Sales tech companies that want to drive rapid scalability or diversification of the business, additional funding rounds, or even a liquidity event can benefit from PR.

Sales Tech Challenges

Sales technology, or sales tech, refers to the digital tools that help sales teams improve productivity and conversion. Like adtech, some consider sales tech a subset of martech. However, sales tech solutions are often distinct from martech in terms of purchasing decision-makers and end users. Sales tech also differs from martech in its inherent “salesiness.” An aspect of the industry that can also make it challenging to generate awareness for sales tech brands outside of a sales environment.

PR for Sales Tech Brands

Public relations, and more specifically media relations, can help to generate the earned media coverage necessary to increase awareness and drive credibility for sales tech brands. However, most agencies struggle with sales tech PR. Limited media, fragmented audiences, and a lack of interest in conventional sales narratives can make securing earned media coverage for sales tech solutions, and the companies behind them, challenging. 

The key to successful PR strategy for sales tech companies lies in strategic storytelling and infusing brand stories with elements of human interest, leadership, and social responsibility. A PR program built with strategic storytelling in mind can help sales tech brands earn high-level coverage and gain much-desired visibility and credibility. 

PR Results for Sales Tech Companies 

At Crenshaw Communications, our team is grounded in the technologies and trends that drive sales tech and related sectors, like martech and ad tech. Ready to increase awareness for your sales tech brand? Contact us to learn more about our sales tech PR services.

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