AOL Platforms

From Dial-Up To Digital Trailblazer

AOL Platforms is the global partner of choice for top advertisers, agencies, and publishers, enabling them to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and TV through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance campaigns. 

Our team works to support AOLP’s leadership in the digital advertising space through earned media and content that highlight its leadership, point of view, and mission to help shape the future of the digitally connected world.

Wearsafe Labs

A Safer World With Wearsafe

In an unsafe or uncomfortable situation, wearable personal safety service Wearsafe connects the wearer with trusted friends or family at the push of a button so that they can get help.

Our team leveraged the 2016 back-to-school season to help Wearsafe tell its story to college students and their families. To date, our team has generated outstanding coverage for the brand, with stories and segments on NBC-TV’s “Today,” USA Today, The Boston Globe, Business Insider, and many more.

The NHP Foundation

Where You Live Matters

The NHP Foundation is dedicated to the development, construction, and preservation of sustainable, service-enriched housing that is not only affordable for low and moderate-income families, but beneficial for those families and the broader communities where they live.

We help NHPF promote the remarkable success of Operation Pathways, a services programs created to assist children and youth, promote wellness, and foster financial literacy for residents.


Managing Global Media Assets

Global businesses spend millions to create top advertising content, but as much as one-third of marketing assets can go unused.

UK-based Adstream works with 7,000 global agencies and brands to manage all-important TV, video and other media assets and to enable creative collaboration and efficient distribution of marketing content. Following its acquisition of Deluxe AdServices in the U.S., Adstream is poised for spectacular growth in North America as the only global digital asset management and content delivery platform.


Making The Workforce More Colorful

Business partners Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams founded diversity recruiting platform Jopwell after working at Goldman Sachs and realizing that most minorities lack the opportunities they have had. Today Jopwell connects high-profile technology and corporate employers with black, Latino and Native American candidates from across the U.S.

Our team helps the Y-Combinator-backed Jopwell tell its story, including recent news of its seed funding round that included Magic Johnson Enterprises, Andreessen Horowitz, Kapor Capital, Omidyar Network, and other high-profile funders who will enable it to continue to scale and grow.


Optimizing The Aftermarket

Supply-chain challenges cost time, money, and customer good will. Stockholm-based Syncron is the only aftermarket service provider that focuses exclusively on service parts management and pricing for the world’s leading manufacturers. Syncron’s SaaS solutions enable companies to transform their aftermarket service operations to dramatically increase profitability, cash flow and customer loyalty. We help Syncron differentiate its offering, stand as an industry thought leader, and influence prospects through earned media features, bylined content, and analyst relations.


Helping Creative Collaboration Flourish

WeTransfer, the cloud-based global file sharing service, provides a creative and inspiring space for people to share files without the complications of logins, signups, or banner advertising. After exponential growth in Europe, the Amsterdam-based WeTransfer has set out to conquer the United States. We help call attention to WeTransfer’s elegant and compelling aesthetic, its status as a unique venue for brand advertisers, and its growing reputation as the file-sharing service of choice for the creative community.


Our Work: Big Data, Simplified

Tel Aviv-based Xplenty offers cloud technology to make data processing simple for professionals who aren’t versed in Hadoop, the open-source software framework that is indispensable for major technology companies, yet difficult to master.

The rise of data analytics outsourcing to the cloud and the need to integrate various data sources drives Xplenty’s story. We help it generate awareness, differentiate its brand and attract partners and customers through high-visibility placements in top-tier technology press and key conferences.


Small Town Brewery

Small Town Makes A Big Splash

It’s been called “nostalgia in a bottle,” “a new kind of beer sweeping the nation” and “one of the fastest-growing products in U.S. beer aisles” by The Wall Street Journal.

The delicious recipe and fascinating story behind Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer helped make the newly national alcoholic root beer the “discovery” of the summer as millions of adults fell in love with the brew. We’re busy supporting the brand’s growth as well as promoting exciting new products resulting from Small Town’s dedication to gruit-inspired beers with classic American flavors.


Marketing Technology That Builds Business

Already a recognized leader in email marketing and marketing automation, Silverpop tapped Crenshaw Communications to help drive awareness of its cloud-based customer engagement offerings, top-tier content, and executive thought capital.  Our approach was aggressive, yet strategic; we multiplied Silverpop’s media contacts and earned media placements, amped its social media influence, and articulated industry-leading positions on the rise of behavioral marketing and the power of email used with social, local, and mobile applications. The three-year campaign was fundamental in raising Silverpop’s visibility and paving the way for its acquisition by IBM.