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measurement, PR Fish Bowl • March 22, 2011

How Do You Measure Up?

The Barcelona Principles is not the name of the next installment in the Jason Bourne series. It’s a 7-step recommendation for overhauling the way PR professionals measure results. Industry leaders representing companies and clients in more than a dozen different countries have agreed to these new global standards for measuring and evaluating the results of their […]

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PR Fish Bowl • March 18, 2011

Charlie Sheen For President?

Celebrities-turned-politicians aren’t new … but this one caught our attention. A recent poll from Public Policy Polling revealed that independent voters favor Charlie Sheen over Sarah Palin for President by a 41/36 margin. Sheen’s “winning” outcome is even more surprising given that he’s the “most unpopular” figure they’ve ever polled about, with 67% of respondents indicating an […]

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PR Fish Bowl • March 15, 2011

The Idea-File-Phile

What do you do with all the good ideas you come across, whether business or personal? Do you see a great website and bookmark it? Spot a creative email and shove it in a folder? Tear out a magazine page and stick it in a binder? Do you ever look at them again? I propose […]

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PR Fish Bowl • March 8, 2011

I Just Texted To Say "I Love You"

Did anyone call you to tell you about the devastating earthquake in Japan? More likely, they texted. Or posted on Facebook. Maybe you found out in something close to real time via Twitter. Thoughtful posts that express sympathy and support in the wake of a tragedy are normal and welcome – particularly when they’re tied […]

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