June 17, 2011

Do Journalists Really Make The Best PR People?

by: in: communications, Crenshaw Communications, public relations

The recent Burson Marsteller “whispergate” mess got me thinking about the long-lived, symbiotic relationship between people who work in PR and those who make their living in journalism. The two PR pros who tried to seed negative stories about Google on behalf of a not-so-secret client (Facebook) were former reporters who had only recently moved to the dark…
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July 27, 2010

Shirley Sherrod and the Death of Context

by: in: communications, Crenshaw Communications, reputation, social media

It’s practically a given that privacy is dead. Just ask Mel Gibson. His creepy rantings (and pantings), as recorded by his girlfriend, have probably ended his career. In a different way, General Stanley McChrystal was also brought down by a breach in the traditional discretion granted to subjects of his ilk, greatly amplified by digital…
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