Wearable Technology

Drive Demand with Wearable Tech Marketing and PR

Wearable tech is hot, fueled by splashy PR campaigns and social sharing by opinion leaders. It was all over the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014, and in the words of The Washington Post, has rapidly gone from “geek fad to mega-trend” – but the promise of wearable technology goes beyond the public relations behind Fitbit and the Apple Watch. Wearable and “biosensing” technology devices are beginning to reinvent many different categories, from fashion, to connected health, to technology integration and – perhaps most dramatically – the evolution of data analytics. All of these present an opportunity for the right wearable technology marketing and PR strategy to make a significant impact.

Wearable Technology Marketing Includes Focused PR

For the most effective business results, wearable technology marketing strategy should include a strategic PR program that starts with a brand or company’s business goals. Whether the campaign is a B2B program aimed at signing on strategic partners or reaching business customers, or a B2C outreach to generate consumer interest, our team can help. At Crenshaw, our wearable technology marketing experience spans the sectors of consumer electronics; health promotion; public health and fitness; medical devices; e-commerce; and real-time marketing.

PR Can Extend Wearable Tech Marketing and Advertising

A robust PR program can also raise visibility and create a positioning for wearable technology products and services and support an ecosystem of technology partners. At Crenshaw, our team can help in the following ways:

• Reaching influencers in key vertical areas, like healthcare and sports aficionados
• Supporting new product launches with technology media product reviews, C-level executive interviews, and social sharing
• Leveraging data trends and patterns for “thought leadership” opportunities
• “Futurecasting” the category through conference and content exposure

To find out more about how a well-designed PR program can help your wearable tech business outcomes, check out our technology experience or contact us.