Crenshaw Communications, ImPRessions • March 29, 2011

Vacation Tips For Business Owners And Worryholics

Another year, another spring break. Last year I shared some very reasonable tips for going on vacation as a business owner, yet ended up breaking most of those rules. This year, I tried a slightly more realistic tack. If you own a business, are a workaholic, or just a worryholic like me, it’s not as easy as unplugging and […]

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advertising, branding, communications, Crenshaw Communications, ImPRessions, marketing, public relations • March 22, 2011

What Marketers Don’t Know About PR

Are we living through PR’s “golden age”? Sometimes I think so. Clients understand the benefits of PR and are sophisticated about the tricky aspects, like trading perfect control for a measure of credibility. And budgets are opening up after the economic downturn. But other times I wonder. Last year a favorite client of mine refers to […]

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advertising, branding, communications, Crenshaw Communications, ImPRessions, marketing, public relations • March 15, 2011

PR By Another Name: Public Relations and the "New" Competition

The chemistry was great, our experience perfect, and they loved the proposal. But, in a twist, the account went to a “digital brand management” shop whose website touts its ability to drive visibility and engagement. PR by another name? The “creative destruction of PR“? It’s true that social media has changed the game for our […]

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advertising, Crenshaw Communications, ImPRessions, public relations, reputation • February 15, 2011

Is Any PR Good PR?

Of course not.  PR agency professionals have been preaching that for decades. No marketer in his right mind would recommend a strategy that involves offending customers, or demeaning the brand. But, think about some of the celebrated marketing gaffes of the past two weeks. Socially-conscious Super Bowl viewers were outraged at Groupon’s rookie commercial on […]

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Crenshaw Communications, ImPRessions • January 16, 2009

Working Women Hit A Milestone

In my New York Women in Communications discussion group, there’s been lots of talk about how and whether an economic downturn disproportionately affects women and minorities…particularly those of us in editorial, marketing or corporate communications, or advertising.  Though communications had undoubtedly been hit, there may be some good news for working women. It seems women […]

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